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Medical Affairs Section
   .Management of medical quality, patient safety and medical regulations
   .Coordination of emergency medical service system
   .Registration and regulation of nursing and medical personnel
   .Regulation and examination for basic medical institution
   .Psychological and mental health promotion

  Food and Pharmaceuticals Regulation, and Drug Abuse Prevention Section
   .Regulation and inspection for food manufacture, catering and vendors
   .Regulation and inspection of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and relative advertisement
   .Registration for pharmaceutical industries and associated companies
   .Promotion, education and management of food safety
   .Management and inspection of food supply in school or other institutions
   .Prevention and assessment of drug-abuse

  Health Promotion Section
   .Health promotion and welfare for mother, infant, child and youth
   .Cancer prevention and screening: gynecologic cancer, hepatic cancer, colorectal cancer and oral cancer
   .Health promotion and welfare for elderly and annual health check-up
   .Tobacco hazard prevention and betel nut hazard prevention
   .Community-based and tribe-based health promotion projects
   .Coordination of distal and mobile medical service

  Disease Control Section
   .Coordination of tuberculosis screening, report, prevention and treatment
   .Prevention and management of STD and HIV infection
   .Coordination and management of vaccination
   .Prevention and monitoring of acute viral hepatitis, infectious respiratory disease and zoonosis
   .National Notifiable Disease surveillance
   .Enterovirus and influenza infection surveillance

  Laboratory Section
   .Microbiological and chemical analysis
   .Food products sampling

  Planning Section
   .Research, development and evaluation of health policy
   .Management of information system
   .Coordination of medical tourism

 Administrative Section
   .Official seal, official dispatch, documents, general affairs, cashier, and legal system

 Accounting Office
   .Budget, accounting, and statistics

 Civil Service Ethics Office
   .Business of political tones

 Personnel Office
   .Business, such as the management and evaluation of personnel.